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Intelligent Recording Systems

Electronic Office Systems provides businesses, city and state governments, and court rooms with intelligent recording systems that record spoken and video proceedings and communications. From the intelligent recording of phone conversations to recording live audio and video, Electronic Office Systems can design and implement the solution you need to capture every moment of communication. We offer the most trusted names in the industry, like FTR, Revcord and more. Each system we deliver is uniquely designed to provide the solution you need, while always delivering the critical audio and video files that are necessary to your work.

We offer For The Record (FTR) intelligent recording technology for courts. Courts across the Midwest trust us to handle their software, microphones, and recordings to ensure that legal professionals can easily and confidentially keep track of all cases. FTR’s convenient flagging system allows users to flag the most important parts in a given record and add markers for labels, notes, and favorites. FTR makes it easy to work from anywhere in the world. Whether it’s on a smartphone or a computer, you will have no trouble keeping track of each and every case.

Improve your communications with intelligent recording systems.

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