Powered by the human voice, Electronic Office Systems delivers the finest voice management products available.

EOS offers tools to capture the words and thoughts of attorneys, physicians, law enforcement officials and executives. Our dictation and transcription solutions streamline voice management from creation through completion, distribution and retention. EOS has delivered quality voice solutions for over 30 years.

EOS offers D.A.C., Dragon, Philips, Olympus, and Crescendo. For information on these products, please contact EOS.


Electronic Office Systems recognizes the growing need for flexibility and mobility in dictation input devices. With increasing pressure for effective and timely delivery of their services, healthcare professionals, attorneys, law enforcement and business executives are demanding a wide array of choices relative to dictation. EOS is pleased to offer opportunities across the spectrum, including the latest PDA dictation applications, digital dictation devices, and the tried and true analog recorder. Regardless of your level of technical savvy or training, EOS has a solution to fit your needs.

Get the most from your PDA with applications designed for the medical markets.

Digital Dictation
Combine the familiarity of analog portables with the advantages of network-based dictation and transcription


Digital Dictation
Digital dictation devices dramatically improve upon the time-tested capabilities of tape-based portable recorders, eliminating the hassle and inefficiency of tapes forever. By capturing dictated voice as a digital file, users are able to fully leverage their existing data networks and email programs to transmit dictation anywhere in the world for transcription.

By emulating and building on the design of the most popular digital portable devices, the Olympus portable recorders ensure users won't have to spend unnecessary time learning new systems. With easy-to-use interfaces and simplicity of operation, these devices give all the benefit with little of the cost and headache.


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